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2014- The Evolution of Iranian French Learners’ Spoken Interlanguage from a Cognitive Point of View with Marzieh Mehrabi, Rouhollah Rahmatian, and Parivash Safa in International Education Studies Download

2013- Cognitive Strategies of Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval of Lexicon with Rouhollah Rahmatian in International Education Studies Download

2011- A CDA Approach to the Cross-cultural Aspects of Compliments in Persian, English, and French with Samad Mirzasuzani presented at The 9th TELLSI Conference Download Abstract

2011- The effectiveness of audio and video documents in developing listening comprehension skill in a foreign language with Rouhollah Rahmatian in International Journal of English Linguistics Download

2010- Keep Your English Up-to-date ISBN: 9786009115891 Download sample


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